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 An editorial for Haute Punch Magazine.

 I love playing with the idea of contradiction. How can the formula of two opposites work? Photographing sophisticated silhouettes in a natural environment has such ease. She doesn't belong but moulds her surrounding to fit her, not the other way around. 

She's fierce, she's strong, she's wild.


Find My Wild


Creative Director: Deelan Do, Hayley Clutterbuck

Photohrapher: Deelan Do

Make-up Artist: Mallory Hannah

Model: Cynthia Taylu

Stylist: Hayley Clutterbuck

Collabortion with Calexico & Rebellious


Grace designs

fmw 12.jpg

Cynthia wears Smythe White Anytime Blazer.


Paired with Rebellious Grace Amelia Gold Pearl Earrings I Vesta {earl Necklace I Replica Ancient Coin Necklace

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fmw 2.jpg

Cynthia wears Smythe White Anytime Blazer  Jonathan Simkhai Distressed Sequinned Double-Breasted Blazer.

Styled with Rebellious Grace Relic Marble and Gold Earrings Aret Marble and Gold Bracelet Anissa Marble and Gold Necklace 

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fmw 16.jpg
fmw 3.jpg

Alexis Izabell Sequin Mini Dress Shirt stylist owned

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FMW 1.jpg
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