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  I wanted to portray the struggle of having an ambitious dream in life. There's the burden we feel from always having to work hard and put in so much effort to reach our dream. Then there's the freedom and happiness we feel from achieving it. This is represented through the colours and texture of the clothing.


Creative Director: Cynthia Taylu

Photographer: Georgia Wells

Videographer: Kimi Teoh

Talent: Lachlan Doherty & Eliza Turton

Stylist: Hayley Cluterbuck

Collaboration with designer Caitlin Bell & Grace Sterling

Eliza wears Posse bodysuit Grace Sterling gold and pearl earrings

Lachlan wears Caitlin Bell web top and pants

Caitlin Bell cut-out dress

2019 - All rights reserved by Hayley Clutterbuck 

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