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Colourless is a statement of equality. It has become a 'trend' in the industry to hire models who are difference races. I wanted to create a sense of escape in the styling from this idea through modern style representing our world in a carefree environment. 



Creative Director: Cynthia Taylu

Photohrapher: Chris Lai

Videographer: Kimi Teoh

Make-up Artist: Reanin Glah

Models: Uly Holloway, Teto Myers, Gianni Sarriart

Stylist: Hayley Clutterbuck

Collaboration with Contra Store


Ully wears CMMN SWDN Wes Knitted Shirt I CMMN SWDN Jay Trousers

Tito in Tonsure Oversized Shirt I Turtleneck stylist own

Ex Infinitas Other Dimension Belt

CMMN SWDN Brandon Jacket

2019 - All rights reserved by Hayley Clutterbuck 

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